Investment and Management Services:


G&M has over 20 years experience in healthcare consulting and management, with proven success in organizational strategies, administrative issues, marketing, passive income for physicians, and strategic planning for healthcare providers.

We have excelled in center of excellence start-ups in breast health, wellness, imaging services, plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthopedics, Respiratory and more.

We provide direction and assistance to healthcare providers such as medical practices, physicians, hospitals, clinics and manufacturers.

We specialize in development and marketing.

We provide trusted and proven experience in:

center of excellence startup and re-evaluation
product lines and development
marketing of practices, hospitals and products
patient flow analysis and customer service evaluation

We access clients’ needs quickly, recommend the best options, and work in harmony with their management teams.  
​We use a team approach and work with key staff of our clients to ensure staff input and participation as well as satisfaction.

Public Speaking:

Edward Douglas Grindstaff accesses and evaluates startup businesses, investment opportunities (either passive or hands-on).

He offers assistance in operations, finance, marketing, and assists with turnarounds for companies in need.

Current angel investments are in numerous business arenas including manufacturing, electrical service companies, pet products, nutraceuticals, healthcare, real estate and more.

Rose Miller Grindstaff is a healthcare expert who has established and chaired international conferences, national seminars, patient and community programs, served as master of ceremonies, keynote speaker and panel participant on topics such as patient services, customer service, wellness and education models of care, marketing and startups.

Edward Douglas Grindstaff is an operations, management and marketing speaker, addressing areas such as business startup, angel investing, operational paradigms, and marketing strategies.


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